Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 59 - "Que semana di?" Oct 17 - Oct 23 (Trujillo)

Last week the lower part of my shin started hurting and I told Jonah about it in my last email.  In his reply he said, "Shoot - sorry about the shin...maybe you have a bad spirit in your leg and you need to rub a hard-boiled egg over it?  That's what they would say here in Peru haha - brujas." I'm not sure I'm going to try that one.  He is so excited about all of the people he is teaching and we can tell that he truly does love all of the people he is meeting in Peru.

What a week, huh? This has been such a wonderful week! Wowza....we sure did walk a lot, but we met so many great people!! So it was a little bit of a bummer because so many people just weren't in their houses after pulling out citas with them, but the Lord needed us in different places this week. We tried to talk to just about everyone. Like everyone everyone haha. People that were clearly too busy and too distracted or too grumpy or just stopped in their car at a red light hahaha that was funny. But we have been talking with a lot of different people lately and it's been awesome to take a quick peek into the lives of so many types of people. 

Also in this week, we brought the boys back together!!!!! Elder Mead and I had an interchange!!!! Wow that was awesome and hilarious. Haha I can't believe that half-way around the world, the two of us are together here in Peru. Medio loquito no? We had a great day of teaching and were able to talk about some of our friends serving in different missions around the world. Elder Mead is doing great and he's as guapito as ever haha. It was a really special day teaching in spanish with an old friend. Haha I still can't even believe that we're here together, that's just nuts. 

Also this week, Diego got baptized and dang it was such a great baptismal service. So Diego's girlfriend Rebeca (the one that introduced him to the church and taught him with us) is also an incredible singer. Also, one of his other friends just happens to play the cello. So we did a voice, piano, cello musical number and it was actually pretty good! Hahaha sometimes the musical numbers here are super uncomfortable, but this one was great! Diego's friend in the ward, Walter, baptized him and it was super special. After he baptized him and came back up, he gave each other a big huge hug there in the baptismal font, and they were both teary-eyed and we could all feel the Spirit really strong. I love baptism hugs!!! They really show the love and the joy and the excitement that all culminates right there in the font. We love Diego so much and we're excited to work with him and get him prepared to serve a mission! Maybe he'll go to Idaho!! That would be crazy, but yeah who knows?

So the week was great and I'm still here enjoying every single moment of the mission. Sometimes it's a little disheartening when you get rejected or when people flake out, but when Christ was here, he wasn't always accepted and more than just a few flaked out. If we are doing the Lord's work, we better expect to feel in some way. on a much lower level, but still a little bit of the rejection that He felt. And that makes you feel something incredible. I love this work, I love Peru, and I love you too....wuju. Have a wonderful week! Be virtuous and keep your minds on Christ!! Love you bunches

Elder Mead and I Yeah!!

We're on the roof of an investigators house yeah!!

The 4 of us in the interchange


I almost ate the whole jar like this hahah

View from our window

Hermano Luis our pensionista. He puts his arm in fire sometimes haha

Typical dinner. The bone's my favorite

Diego (2nd from left) With Walter Elder Reyes and me

With the ward! Oh obispo

Diego Post baptism

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