Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 57 - "Full Salvaje" Oct 3 - Oct 9 (Trujillo)

The big news this week is that we are no longer going to be able to 'chat' with Jonah on Mondays.  They had a leadership meeting with all of the zone leaders and Mission president and it was decided that in order to avoid overuse of the internet that they would limit conversations to email replies from the previous week.  Jonah said, "It was kind of a bummer at the start, but I understand why it is a rule".  We are a little sad and Leslie might shed a tear or two but we are glad Jonah is 'ok' with it and always has a positive attitude.

What a great week!!! MMM!! I was so dang blessed in this last week, and it was just wonderful to have so much help from others in these past few days. This last week, we had our concilio reunion with all of the zone leaders and sister trainer leaders of the mission. It was fantastic!! We talked a lot about faith and how it will help us in the missionary work. We talked about something really interesting with faith. Something that really made me reflect about how I teach and live the gospel. It was also mentioned in this past General Conference and has been really on my mind. Do we really trust Jesus Christ? Do we really have faith in His power in our own personal lives? As missionaries, we always teach about faith and ask people to have faith. But when we teach it, do we really know it and have it too?

In this past week, this has been my focus. Trusting in the Lord in my own life, and putting my faith completely in Him. If we really have true faith, we know that we can keep the commandments and do the will of the Lord, and then receive REAL blessings directly for doing so. If we have real trust in the Lord, we will obey what He says, even if we don't fully understand the why. If we have real faith, it does not matter what God asks from us. We will always do what He commands, and trust and hope for the recompense.

Just on Sunday, we were teaching a lesson to an investigator named Diego. He has a lot of questions about the Restuaracion like any normal person would, and he has a hard time accepting some of the ''rules'' that Mormons have. We were talking about one of the ''rules'', trying to explain to him that we can receive temporal and spiritual blessings if we live it. He was still doubtful. We stopped trying to cram it down his throat, and talked about faith instead. We talked about how sometimes, just like Adam, we have to trust and obey, not knowing exactly why, but knowing that He called us to do it. But we will ALWAYS have the promise that we will be blessed and that one day, in the Lord's time, He will let us know why. Are we sometimes too prideful to accept a commandment when we don't know why it's necessary? Or do we have the firm faith and hope to receive the blessings AFTER -not before- we act.

This week I learned a lot. We had a great interchange with the assistants, I'm doing wonderful, I love our new pensionista!!!!! He cooks the best dang food there is. Haha, lots of meat, sorry mom. Steak 4ever haha. I love you all! Have a wonderful week! And if you don't, keep following Christ, and trust in Him to bless you with a better one next week. ¡Les amo hasta el fondo de mi corazón!

Elder Quispe used to be in the zone here. He has a lot of family that lives here in Trujillo, and his aunt actually lives in the Central ward. Sooooo...his mom came to visit her, so this is us with Elder Quispe's mom!! How wild is that huh?




Hermana Trifecta haha, they are the best

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