Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 60 - "Chapter 4: A New Hope" Oct 24 - Oct 30 (Trujillo)

This last Sunday we listened to a recently returned missionary talk about his experience in New Zealand and he told several stories about being robbed or attacked.  Leslie asked Jonah if he has ever had any scary situations and he told the following story - "One time, we almost got eaten alive by this huge pitbull about a month ago. Just remembered about it. We were trapped in this lot, and I was backed up against a fence, just holding my backpack in front of its mouth. I slipped out of the gate and closed it before the dog went crazy. It was snarling but still just walking really slow. The thing probably weighed more than me, it was so huge. When we closed the gate, it went wild, snapping and biting at the bars. I'm pretty sure it would've chomped on my legs or something. Scary haha."

Hello Everybody!! What a wonderful week!! In this past week, we followed the star wars series and now have a new hope hahaha, yeah. So in the past weeks , we were having a harder time finding new people to teach, really fighting for new people, but turning up short every time. But in this last week, we were able to find several new people that are ready to progress and are enjoying learning of Christ. It has still been a constant fight and has required a ton of effort, but we're finally seeing the results.

In this past week, I've been studying a lot about virtue, and have been trying to apply it in every moment. Virtue is kind of like integrity, but it's a lot more. It's integrity, but not because you want to be recognized as having integrity, but because you love God. Virtue is integrity, but not just in action and in word, but also in thought. Virtue is a purity of thoughts and helps us to act more like Jesus Christ. Virtue has a lot to do with repentance and humility. We accept the fact that we cannot be perfectly virtuous so we repent when we're not and we strive to depend in the power of the Atonement when we mess up. Virtue is probably one of the hardest things to do  constantly, because you have to think about it constantly and continually fight the battle. But the blessings of being virtuous are incredible. In this past week, I have found myself thinking less in myself, and more in other people. I have found that I am more greatful for spritual reminders and acts of service that people do towards  me. Being virtuous is such a blessing! The key to being virtuous is constantly being occupied in wholesome things, and not letting yourself get lazy or selfish. As you become more and more virtuous, you become more and more happy, selfless, and guilt-free. I would invite everyone to take a real look at the meaning of virtue and then work hard every day to have more and more of it.

I hope you all have a  wonderful week! Keep being Christ-like! I love you all so much! Mas que sus madres jaja.

Haha yeah - There I am!

Elder Turner and I had an interchange!

These are called papa rellena. It's like fried potato with meat inside. Really delicious

Junior got baptized! He's an investigator that we taught and commited to baptism before the sister missionaries came. They did a great job!!  Him, his family, and the sisters.

Selfie Stick Yeah!

We found really nice, REALLY CHEAP ties. They were 5 soles a dollar fifty holy smokes.

Señor de los Milagros parade. Those are all flower petals woahhhhhh

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