Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 61 - "Hellooooooooo" Oct 31 - Nov 6 (Trujillo)

Jonah mentioned in an email that "Yeah, I'm just kind of staying away from all of that junk with politics... I'm just glad I'm here with PPK where everybody's happy hahahaha. (PPK is the current president of Peru)  Next week is transfers so we are anxious to see if Jonah will be off to a new part of the Trujillo North mission!

Hey everybody!!! Wow. We just had a wonderful week. I'm just gonna get right into it.

So on Tuesday we had our consejo de lideres and it was fantastic!!! It's so great seeing everybody from around the mission for a meeting, but the coolest part is definitely hearing from President and Sister Marble. They are so powerful!!! Such great people that I have grow to love and trust in so short of time. President Marble talked to us about obedience and repentence and a lot of other cool things. It was so great. The Spirit was so dang strong when he talked about repentence and our need to repent every day. He told us that we should never be ashamed in sharing our own personal repentance stories (without details obviously) to other people to help them understand the reality of repentance and the atonement. So on that same Tuesday afternoon, we taught a lesson that was soo great!! We taught this mother and their daughter, Noemi and Lourdes, about the Restauracion and also about repentence. We testified of repentance and that it works and that it is real. We testified of the Restauracion and that the reality of it and the importance of it. While Elder Reyes was talking about the First Vision, I got really teary-eyed, something that really doesn't happen a lot while we're teaching. And when he looked at me to talk, I just said ''I know this is true. We love you and want you to know it's true too. And when you do, it'll be the happiest and best thing that has ever happened to you.'' The Spirit was burning the whole place apart, and we are soooo excited for these two investigators. We really do love them and we really do want them to know what we know. And it really will be the best thing that ever happens to them when they do find it out for themselves. Man the gospel is so awesome! We really want to be able to teach with that kind of Spirit every time, but sometimes it's tough to really feel it every time. Elder Reyes and I are going to be working on our sincerity as we teach, so we can help other people feel the truth that is in our words. 

Later in the week, Elder Maddocks, Elder Latimer, Elder Reyes, and I all had interchanges. Elder Maddocks came over to our area with me and Elder Reyes went over with Elder Latimer. It was wonderful, we ended up walking a lot, but we had so many great experiences talking with people in the street and being a bunch of crazy gringuitos in Trujillo.

We're having a wonderful time here in Central. By next week, we will know the cambios and I will let you know if I'm staying here for another 6 weeks, or where on earth I'm headed. I already bought a little terreno here because I plan on staying for the rest of my mission, so I might as well build a little casita over here haha. I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful week!! Compórtense bien yah? Chau!
Elder Maddocks and I had a wonderful interchange!!

Here's Elder Maddock's  companion, Elder Latimer
The 4 of us juntos
Elder Reyes is available pretty soon here ladies

This icecream place was so great that we ate the ice cream so fast so we didn't get any pictures of the icecream haha


Elder Missner and Blue Steel

Yayyyyy we ate at Chili's again.....and guess who we ran into????

Elder RIOSSSSSS!!!!! yayayyayayayMan he is just so great. I missed him a whole bunch. He's lost so much weight hahaha, man we had some great laughs together this afternoon

Diego - a new member of the Church

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