Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 63 - "i luv big house" Nov 14 - Nov 20 (Casa Grande)

Jonah is enjoying his new area, Casa Grande.  He is so excited to be working with Elder Bolivia and is getting along with him great after one week.  He also says that he has a new pensionista (someone who cooks their meals).  His pensionista is a man named Frank and he owns a restaurant.  Jonah says that, "he made me love fish. I used to not like it, but now it's one of my favorite foods".  He also says that it is starting to get warmer but not too hot yet.

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Wowwwwww!!!!! Casa Grande is the best!!!! Holy smokes I'm just loving it out here!!!!!!!! It looks like home! A bunch of dirt canals, tons of fields, one stinky factory, wind, and mountains in the distance! IT'S THE BESTTTT!!!!!!!! Man, I'm gonna love every second out here in Casa Grande! I really REALLY loved my time in Central, but I am so relieved to not here traffic and honking horns 24/7 hahaha. It's so peaceful compared to the Centro. Wowza, I'm so incredibly animado right now hahaha.

First off, Elder Bolivia is the best!!!! Elder Bolivia is not from Bolivia. He's from Peru! From Lima! The Lima South Mission. Hahaha OTRO Limeño. But yeah, he's 23 years old and has about 3 almost 4 years as a member, very similar to Elder Reyes. Elder Bolivia is hilarious!!!! He's always cracking jokes and has a killer sense of humor. He also know how to work. We're going to be working dang hard in this change, and in this last week, we've already seen a whole handful of miracles. Work=Miracles por si acaso. The only bumber about Elder Bolivia is this is his 5th change here so it's very probable that he goes this change. But hopefully not!!!

So this week, we've had some wonderful things happen. First of all, on Saturday, we had a baptism! Hermana Filomena (Jimena) and her son Leo! They are wonderful, and were prepared really well by the missionaries beforehand. Quick side note, Elder Marshall (one of my past companions) served in this same area, and he was one of the missionaries that started teaching her. I'm writing Elder Marshall and he's telling me about old investigators that he taught that we should go to and try teaching again. Anyway, the baptism was great! Elder Bolivia baptized Leo and a member baptized Jimena.

Also in this week, we have found several families that are just ready for the gospel. The people here are so humble and willing to change. I am going to learn so much from the people here. I am so pumped!!!!

So I didn't really send a lot of pictures of what Casa Grande looks like, but during the week, look it up. And then next monday, I'm going to be sending a whole bunch of pictures of Casa Grande. Ojala haha. Today we're gonna be heading out to a cool place this afternoon to go exploring.

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week! Say your prayers or you'll regret it.... haha. Paz y bendiciones.

Elder Babbel

Last Goodbyes in Central (Milagros is the best!!)

Familia Carranza.  The two in nurse clothes (Luis and Julissa) are going to be baptized this Saturday to complete the family! I'll miss it, but that's okay. Elder Reyes will do a great job taking care of them. The best!!!!! 
Baptism in Casa Grande!!

Jimena and Leo!!!! She's 27 and her son is 8. They are so great!!!

I wrote that!! My handwriting is getting better Mom!

Elder Bolivia!!! But he's not from Bolivia, he's from Lima Peru

Some very necessary selfies

Elder Bolivia is the freakin best! Already seeing miracles out here in Casa Grande. Man he's so great!!

He's seriously so funny! Man, it's gonna be such a great transfer!!!

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