Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 62 - "Big House" Nov 7 - Nov 13 (Trujillo)

The big news this week is that Jonah has been transferred to Casa Grande.  He sounds very excited.  Check out a few photos and some funny videos that he has sent.  He looks very happy and is as funny as ever.  We sure do miss him but we are happy is serving and doing his best.

Hello Everybody!!! So this last week has been pretty wild and pretty great. We've been keeping really busy and have had some really cool expierences with some of the members and investigators. Cool new miracles happen every day and we're just like front row specatators, soaking it all in. Anyway, it has been a great last week here in Central..........haha spolier alert.

So on Tuesday, we had our zone training! It was really great! We talked a lot about how to extend better invitations and commitments. We also talked a lot about how to teach the repentance process and how to apply it first. That's probably the most important thing about missionary work, is living it before teaching it. Apart from avoiding hypocrasy, it also gives us the Spirit as we testify. If we've lived it, if it REALLY matters to us, the Lord will fill our mouths and his strength will be behind the words that we speak. It's like the scripture..''they do draw near to me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me''. That does not fly in the mission field haha. So yeah that turned out really great and we all left feeling ready to live and teach the gospel.

Later during the week, on Sunday, I had a really cool experience in church. So there's this hermana named Andrea here in the ward. We rescued her a couple months ago and she just got a calling as a YSA teacher and she's doing great. She's got a difficult home situation, her husband isn't a member and does not support the church at all. He's pretty anti and hateful of the church, and doesn't approve of Andrea's choices. They also have 2 sons, one with 12 years and the other with 17. Andrea has really wanted for her kids to be taught and baptized but her husband is against it. --Just one side note. In situations like this, the church handles things very delicately and respectively. The restored gospel that we teach is NOT here to destroy, tear apart, and damage family relationships. It is here to do the opposite. To unite and strengthen family relationships. The head of the family (usually the father) has the say in what happens in the family. We respect the opinions and thoughts of the head of the family above all other things. -- Anyway, it's kind of delicate right now. But Andrea has been praying for a while now to get an answer of what she should do. And on Saturday night, she told me, she had a dream that I was in the font with her two sons, baptizing them. She told me with tears in her eyes, that she knows that they need to be baptized and that she will convince her husband to let them do so. It was a really cool, special moment there in the church, and we are excited to start working with the whole family, especially her husband. I have full confidence that the Spirit can touch and soften his heart.

So. Yeah. We also got the changes on Sunday night. And I'm headed out! To Casagrande!! Wowwwwww it's gonna be wild!! I'll be a zone leader there with my new companion, Elder Bolivia!!! Who's not from Bolivia, he's from Lima Peru!!! Hahahahaha it's gonna be so crazy out there! Casagrande is about an hour north of Trujillo and has some SWEET history. Go look it up. Googlemap it. I'm so pumped!!! I don't really know Elder Bolivia, but I will send pictures and information next week. I really loved my time here in Central and I'm very excited to be working now in Casagrande! Everyone loves Casagrande. Man it'll be so great!!!

Alrighty, well I'm headed up there on Tuesday morning, and I'll let you know how it all goes next Monday! I love you all!!! Tengan una semana super genial!! Paz y bendiciones 

Zone Training. We bought all matching ties haha

Anticuchos!!!!! Sooooo gooooooooood


We got zone jerseys!!! It usually says ''cristal'' but that's an alcohol company so we changed it

Elder Quispe's mom came again!

She's so rad!

Jared, served a mission here. He's from Argentina. He married his old companionss convert here in central hahahahahahaha

Her name is Karito over there by the sisters

Maricielo!!!! Yolanda's daughter 7 year old daughter. She's a better member missionary than all of you hahahhaa. Yoland was one of our converts here in Central (in June)

More Juggling Skills

Arm Wrestling!

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