Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 46 - "Helloooo mundo!!" July 18 - July 24 (Trujillo)

So glad that Jonah has a new camera and is sending pictures again.  At the end of this post are all of the photos that he sent this week.  Not sure how to explain all of them as no explanation was sent with the pictures.  Just glad to see his happy face!

Hello everybody, this past week has been quite interesting. I learned a lot about what it really means to be a personal representative of Jesus Christ. What it really means to act, say, and do what Jesus Christ would do if he personally was here doing the same work as us. It was a week of huge growth spiritually, and I've really felt the prayers of everyone this past week. It's really special to know that in 150 operating temples in the world with several sessions every day are each praying specifically for the missionaries in every part of this earth. You can really feel it sometimes. But yeah, this last week ha sido excelentacho. Plusssss,, I felt my first earthquake in my life!!!! That was pretty wild. Jaja, it was pretty minor, maybe like a 3.5 or a 4. It shook the whole building that we were in so we all exited out the door just to be safe. It was like a roller coaster!!! Sweetness bro.

But yeah, in this last week, Elder Reyes and I have been working super hard in the area and have been finding new people that are just SOOO prepared to receive the gospel. We found a joven named Jhon Zuluelta (hilarious how they spell John like that jaja), and he is just the best. He's come to church 3 times now, but recien we just taught him. I felt, and knew, in that moment, that we had known each other before this life. That I had promised him, with Elder Reyes, that we would come and teach him. Jhon and another sweet old lady named Luz, will be baptized on the 6th of August. I love Jhon and Luz so muchhhhh!!! 

Soooo....I might've forgotten a very important date last week....but mas probable que I didn't.... I'm so sorry Gabanator!!! I love you Gabe!!!!! Happy 15th Birthday!!!!!!!! Dude you are ripped what the flip happened lol jaja!!! I told Elder Reyes that you're gonna eat me when I get back jaja. But hey buddy I love you. Compórtate bien okay?

Alright, well sorry for being super vague, but I love you all so much!! I'm doing super great!!! I love this work demasiado!! I finally finished Alma so that's cool! Have a wonderful week, and enjoy your Peruvian Independence Day this 28th!!! Chau!

Love to all and also peace

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