Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 43 - "Hello! Surprise! Happy 4th of July!!" June 27 - July 3 (Trujillo)

So the new Mission Presidents have arrived.  President and Sister Marble.  Sister Marble is one of Grandpa Gary's cousins.  She said she may try to give Jonah a hug for us.  Jonah was able to meet them and is pretty excited to start working with them too.  His camera is broken (but he will soon have a new one) so we are going to give the photo credits to his companion Elder Marshall.

Hello Americans of the World!!! Happy Independence Day!!! Contrary to popular belief, they DO celebrate 4th of July here....when all the mormon gringos are together!! Today we're having an American barbecue and the whole zone will be wearing American stuff! It's gonna be so great!! I can't wait. I'll have to send pictures next week of it....hopefully with a new camera jaja.

So yeah! This week was great!! Like super great. We had a super week. We met President Marble!!! That was crazy!! He is so wonderful..wow. We're super excited to get to work with them and I still can't believe that he will be my mission president for a longer time than President Marler. Sister Marble says hi to Grandpa and Mom! They are so wonderful, and have been doing great with Spanish so far! Sister Marble has just learned it these past 4 months, and it will be her 3rd language after English and German. It's going to be a wonderful 14 next months with them.

This week was so great! We have been teaching a lot of people and a lot of missionaries. We did a zone training this past Tuesday and it was lo máximo! We talked a lot about breaking mirrors and forgetting about ourselves. We bought everybody mirrors, and then told them to write the things that they want to get better with on to their mirrors (focusing on selflessness). Today, we're bringing our mirrors to the barbecue and we're gonna break them all on the ground! It's gonna be great. I'm so excited for this barbecue it's crazy. By the way, there's a lady here that buys american ingredients and makes american food in a restaurant called Gringo Loco and she's a member. And we bought Texas Burgers from her. I'm gonna go crazy jajaja.

Anyway, more about the week, we started teaching a couple on Saturday night and they are great! Alex and Gladys se llaman. Alex has a really bad leg and has a hard time walking anywhere so it was going to be hard for him to walk to church. But we taught him on that night and promised him that he could walk to church if he had faith and a Priesthood blessing. And he walked to church! It was such a cool miracle. He really struggled, but he made it, and even went up a flight of stairs. Such a cool experience. Also, we had a family baptism on Saturday! Aidee (76), Stephany (11) and Luis (8) all got baptized. It is a grandma and her two grandkids that have been waiting to get baptized for a while. We are now working with the parents of Stephany and Luis, and they will be baptized soon. They seem very excited for their kids and have a matrimonio coming up soon.

Alright sorry, I got distracted like a thousand times during writing today so I don't know if what I wrote makes sense jaja. I love you all so much! Fireworks wuju!! Have a great 4th of July! Love you more than barbecues!!!

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  1. So awesome. Jonah's comp is taller than he is?! I love hearing about his adventures.