Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Week 45 - "Hello!" July 11 - July 17 (Trujillo)

Birthday week for Jonah!  Happy 19th.  Thanks to the Marshall Family we were able to get a birthday package to Jonah.  They also brought him a big bag of American Candy.  One other fun thing is that they handed him a voice recorder and had him record a message to us.  It was great to hear his voice.  He finally bought a new camera right after he sent this latest email and should have some pictures for next week!

Hello all creatures of our God and King! This week has been splendid!! There have been a ton of changes and it has been a completely different experience. As always, it has been wild. I'm trying to say the same things at the start just so that Dad doesn't mock me jaja how rude. But really this past week has been incredible. We have been seeing some incredible miracles in the area and also in the stake/zone.

This last Saturday, Sebastian got baptized!! He's so great!!! So funny, definitely a great friend of mine. He's 26 years old and basically mi patasa. He's had some incredible changes in his life and a wonderful conversion. It's too bad he can't serve a mission for his age, but he will make a wonderful leader in the church. It was really funny too because we witnessed his first sin walking back from church the next day. He kind of knows English, but not really. Just the super basic stuff. But you always see stuff on the Internet so he asked me what the ''s'' word meant. Jajajajaj!!!  I was dying laughing and we all told him that it was his first sin after being baptized and that he has to repent! He was so embarrassed jaja but it was so funny!

We also have had several interesting experiences with the Marshall family this week. They are so great. Such loving people. They came down here to pick up Elder Marshall, but they spent all their time proselyting and visiting people. They are on the Lord's errand. A few times, we had the chance to visit people with them, which was a blast. They were also present for Sebastian's baptism and confirmation on Sunday. We love you Marshall Family!! Have fun in Machu Picchu!!

My new companion es la muerte!!! Jajaja, Elder Reyes is the best, I love him so much. He is from Lima and a convert of 4 years. He has 20 months in the mission, and will probably be going home after this area as he only has 3 transfers left. He's gained 20 kilos in the mission so now he's got quite the gut and it's all from gaseosa jajaja. He is HILARIOUS!!! Always making jokes and being crazy. But that's what people love. He loves the people so much. And he has such an incredible conversion. It's more personal so I won't share it, but let's just say that thanks to the Church, he is a new person, born in Christ.

I love this work! I can't get enough of it! It brings conversion. Conversion is such a cool word such an incredible concept. Conversion is daily. Conversion brings salvation. I love you all so much!!! Be more converted to Christ every day. Study conversion in the Book of Mormon Index this week, and I promise you all that you'll love it!

I love you all demasiado!! Have a converting week!! 
Elder Babbel and Elder Marshall

Final Farewell with Elder Marshall

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