Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 44 - "What a week diga?" July 4 - July 10 (Trujillo)

Cambios again.  Jonah said farewell to Elder Marshall and is getting a new Companion.  His new companion will be Elder Reyes.  He is from Lima Peru.  Elder Reyes will be a new zone leader so Jonah will be training him.  Jonah's first camera broke and he hasn't had a chance to buy a new camera.  I found an old picture from Elder Farnsworth's blog and am posting it.  Hey - Just received new pictures from the Marshall's and they gave a hug to Jonah!

Wowzers. This week has been a flash. It's flown by so dang fast. Time is the enemy in the mission. I hate time, it's the worst! So anyway, this past week has been kinda wild, with a lot of stuff going on. Elder Dykstra and Elder Marshall just finished their missions today, and have been doing a lot of stuff with that this past week. Elder Marshall's parents are here picking him up, and will be going around his areas during this week. I'll be meeting them on Miércoles which is crazy exciting!! I can't wait to get to know them. With a son that incredible, they probably would have to be incredible as well right?

So....if your companion goes home, that kind of implies that you're getting a new companion jaja. My new companion is ELDER REYES!!!! He's so great!!!! I love him so much...well I don't really know him and I've never seen him, but I love him so much!! We will be meeting each other tomorrow in the morning and will sit down and plan some stuff out. I'm pretty sure he's from Lima, Peru and that he is a convert to the church. He was a District Leader back in Porvenir, a different zone that's here in Trujillo, and so I will be training him as a new Zone Leader! I'm so stinking nervous it's crazy!! I can't believe it's already been 3 months here in Trujillo, I feel I just got here recién. These past 2 transfers have blown by, proving once again, that time is the worst and nobody likes it. But yeah, in the past, there were 3 gringos in our room with 1 latino. But now there's 3 latinos and 1 gringo... So I think the spanish might improve a lot in these next transfers! I'm so excited to be immersed in Spanish again! It's such a blessing. And we're all from different countries now! Elder Linares is from Bolivia, Elder Cogollo is from Colombia, Elder Reyes is from Peru, and I'm from the US! Such a cool and diverse room if I might say so myself jaja. this last week has been great! Incredible! Super exciting, and full of twists and turns. Maria and Fernanado, the couple that we have been fasting and praying that they will get married.......are not getting married. They say they need some more time to think about it, but I say that they should just do it, no? So they won't be getting baptized for a little while, but that's okay. Everything has it's own time and place. But we have a different investigator that is going to be baptized this Saturday! His name is Sebastian and I love him so much! He is seriously the best, and is so ready. He's 26 and an odontòlogo. Forgot what that word is in English jaja. But yeah, he got up in 3rd hour this past week and announced his own baptism! That was hilarious! He just raised his hand at the principio, stood up, and then said that he was getting baptized that Saturday at 7pm. Super cool.

So I'm really sad to see Elder Marshall go, he has been so incredible. He's made huge changes to our area, and I've learned A TON from him. I love him so much. He changed my life. Love you buddy!

Alright, I'm shorter-ish on time, so I'll go ahead an finish up. I love you all so much!!! I hope you all have a wonderful week, and that everything goes great for you all. This past week, I read Alma 37 and Mosiah 3. They are wonderful chapters and I highly recommend them. Love you all!!! Besitos xx

Thumbs Up!

Elder Babbel and Elder Marshall

The old Cajamarca Zone

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