Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 42 - "That was Quick" June 20 - June 26 (Trujillo)

Jonah is about to have a change in Mission Presidents. He will truly miss President and Sister Marler. He was able to spend a few days with the Marlers during their final week. They had a couple conferences and went to the temple a few times. They have been a great inspiration to him. We will miss Sis. Marler's blog where we were able to see additional pictures of Jonah.  

Well...another week came and went. This past week has been incredible, full of miracles and also work. We've had some incredible blessings in this last week that I would've loved to have taken pictures of but my camera has been acting up jaja. I think it's from when I fell at the beach and the sand got in it. I'm gonna fix it though, don't worry Mom. (Sorry, I love you!) Anyway, it's been an awesome week.

On Wednesday, we had our multi-zone meeting! They are always so great. You get to enter into President's vision for just a few moments and really see what he wants for the whole mission. We talked a lot about the temple during that meeting....which we then followed up with a temple trip! The best part about temple trips here in the Central Zone is that it only takes 7 minutes to get there. I love the temple!!! The Trujillo temple here is just incredible. So beautiful. But inside, there's something super special. To me, even more than the temples back at home. I think it might be because I understand a little better now what it means to go to the temple and what a blessing it is to have one so close. I understand the blessings we receive by going inside and making promises with God. The gospel is the best thing that will ever happen to us, and the temple is the fullness of the gospel, wrapped up into a building 7 minutes from our room. I love life a lot right now jaja. Here's a fun little page that tells more information about temples: http://www.ldschurchtemples.com/

Anyway, two days later, we had our mission-wide leader training called Concilio. It was kinda sad, but super great, just because President and Sister Marler are heading out really soon ya. It's kind of weird to think about because President Marble, our new mission president, will be my president for a longer time than President Marler. I'm sad to see President Marler go, but I'm so grateful for what they've done for me. They've literally changed my life. I'm not coming back home the same way I was before. I'm still in a huge process of changing, but I really feel different. President Marble is going to be so great. We're so excited to welcome them here, and start getting to work. It's gonna be A LOT of work, but that's the fun part. But yeah, in this meeting, we got to go to the temple again!!! That's where I took that picture with President, there's also another one though with President and Sister Marler both, I'll try to send it today. The temple is the bomb, just check out the page.

So that was basically my week, going to the temple a bunch and teaching the gente about Jesucristo. You couldn't really ask for more di? Jaja alright, I love you all a bunch, and I hope you have a wonderful week. It'll be an even better week if you go to the temple! I love you all more than Fruity Pebbles!!

Elder Babbel and Elder Marshall

Central Zone

At a Meeting

Piano lessons paid off!
With President Marler


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