Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 40 - "Super bacan" June 6 - June 12 (Trujillo)

I don't think Jonah ever thought he would be involved in weddings while in Peru.   Apparently it is very expensive to get married and in order to be baptized a couple must first be married.  Jonah says that this makes it difficult for families to join the church.  So now he is helping to organize "matrimonios masivos"(massive weddings).  Many couples can be married civilly at the same time and this makes it much cheaper.  Also "super bacan" means super awesome not super bacon.

Hey so sorry dudes and dudettes last week we had a lot to do so I didn't get an email off like normal, but I'm here now and things are a little less crazy! Wujuuu! So these last two weeks have been incredible. I can't believe it's already been two weeks with Elder Marshall, time is just flying by. Way too fast. We've been keeping ourselves super duper busy and we've had a lot of things to do in the zone. It's possible that in these last two weeks, I've learned more about life and how to live and love better and just be happier, than in any other time in my life. I feel like I probably say that every time I write, but every week is just more and more incredible. In these past days I've been able to really forget about myself. That's probably the greatest thing about serving a mission. The only stress you will or at least should ever have, is the spiritual and temporal well-being of other people. That's just the greatest feeling ever. Not to even worry about what's going to happen to you, just what's going to happen to the people you love and serve. Plus, we don't have to do homework. I hate homework jaja.

But anyway, we've had some great experiences these past two weeks. There's a couple that we've been teaching, Maria and Fernando, and they've been investigating the church for quite a while now, probably about 5 or 6 months. They've been working on getting married this whole time and it's been just kinda tough to get them excited about marriage. But thanks to my grandparents, who are celebrating their 50th year anniversary together, we were able to animate them! They are going to be married on the 16th of July and possibly will be baptized that same night. It should be a wonderful day! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Also, this last week we were walking down the street and saw this guy selling some cuy food. He has this bike with a trailer in the back filled with alfalfa and he just rides around to the people that need to feed their cuyes. So anyway, he has this shirt on with a picture of tater-tots..which was kinda interesting because tater-tots don't exist's really sad I know. But we talk to him for a sec, and we asked him if we could see his shirt...and it turned out to be a NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE SHIRT!!!!!!11!!11 It was so sweet! It said, ''gimme your tots, I'm freakin starving''. Definitely a highlight of the week. Too bad we couldn't teach the dude, but hey, he made my day so that's what counts.

We've also had a bunch of cool lessons throughout the week, including one that we had to do spanish charades because she's deaf, and they were all really great. We've been playing a bunch of futbol and basketball lately, and more often with the investigadores as well. I'm so happy! Loving life! Plus, Peru beat Brazil so the whole country is going insane. We only know because everyone was screaming their heads off last night and clapping and just volviendo locos. So yeah, in your face Dad, Brazil stinks jaja. Peruuuuuuu1!!!!!!

Okeydokey, I love you guys a bunch. Look for the pictures! Do great things with your lives! Read your scriptures and say your prayers every day! I love you!!!! 

Jonah fell asleep during lunch!

Zone Activity

Matching Ties - Unity

Breakfast Burrito and Oreo Banana Milkshakes - Old El Paso in Peru 
There's this lady named Hermana Paty in our ward and she is incredible!!!! She's 35, 2 and half feet tall, and has the biggest heart you could ever imagine. And she painted these!! She's incredible! My new best friend 

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