Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week 41 - "Divine Placement" June 13 - June 19 (Trujillo)

Another super duper week for Jonah. He did have a little Peruvian cultural experience. In Peru, nursing mothers feed their niños whenever they want (during lessons, church, meetings or lunch) He said only the gringos get embarrassed.  He has another inspirational story below. We love this kid!

Hey, so this last week has been a week of miracles. A really super great week. We've been learning a lot about something we like to call divine placement. It's a really interesting concept and it's super true. I've seen it a load of times here on the mission, and I'm convinced that it happens for our entire lives here. Divine placement means a lot of things and it requires a lot things as well. It requires a knowledge of the truth. It requires charity and compassion. It requires obedience. And it requires faith. This last week, Elder Marshall and I have been divinely placed into the paths of other people on several occasions. And it's just been so incredible. 

This last week, we were talking to a lady that was in the church (13th of June), and she happened to be an old investiagator that had been taught all of the lessons, and had attended church for about 6 months.Her name is Yolanda :]She sat right next to us in our 2nd hour class, and then we find out that she's just the most wonderful person ever. We set up an appointment to visit them on that Wednesday thinking that it would be a great lesson. We got to the lesson, find out that she has been waiting to be baptized for several months, but nobody would talk to her about it. So we invited her to be baptized that same Saturday (2 days ago) and she said yes. This last week we had a baptism with a person that we had almost never met, but is just an incredible person. She had been patiently waiting the blessings of God for a long time, and was divinely placed into the seat next to us last Sunday. Now, she has started the journey towards eternal life. That was super cool.

Later on last week, we were looking through a list of references of people and happened to see a name that was on the same street that we were on. We both felt moved to visit the person, and we did. She was sitting outside of her house, and so we began talking to her. She had just happened to have been robbed years of savings that same day only 5 hours before. We told her we were messangers of God and that He had placed us there to help her and bring her a message of peace. She invited us into her house and only had time to sing Señor te necesito and say a prayer, but it was one of the most spiritual moments of my mission. She started to cry and was really moved by everything. She understood that we really are messangers of God, and that she needs to listen to us. It was another awesome moment.

So that's my spiritual thought of the day. When you're doing the right things and you're called of God, chance doesn't exist. Everyone is placed where they need to be when they need to be there.

This last week has been a blast! We are working super hard here and also having a great time. We just went to a beautiful beach this morning with President and Sister Marler and it was soooo great! I'll send pictures in a sec. I love you all so much!! Have a great week! Read your scriptures and say your prayers everyday or we can't be friends. Just kidding, we can still be friends. But you should still do those things. They're good for you. Okay yeah love ya bye

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