Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 39 - "?" May 30 - June 5 (Trujillo)

Today's letter from Jonah is a mash-up of shorter emails to both Leslie and I.  He said he was so busy he didn't have time to write a longer email to everyone.   Jonah now has a new companion, Elder Marshall.  He was a former Assistant to the President (AP), and is now a zone leader for the last 6 weeks of his mission.  Jonah is very excited to work with Elder Marshall and they are already having some great success.

It is not as hot here as it is in Idaho. It's actually been really nice here. Just humid, but I'm basically used to that already.  Everything is going great! Super busy super exciting! Elder Marshall is a miracle worker. We've had so much success in this last week. Super great. He's so excited in every moment, and never let's any moment pass by. We talk to so many people it's insane. But it works! 
I'm loving my time with him. He's an incredible person and so fun to be around. He's really changing a lot of things around here and where ever he goes. We've been doing a ton of unplanned service, and it really helps! I'm so happy right now and it's just from serving people all the time. So much fun. This last week we found 12 new people to teach, which was more than we found the whole last month, so yeah we're really busy with that. The ward is great! A bunch of college students because we have the 2 biggest universities in Trujillo in our area. The bishop is an old abogado (lawyer) and he's super funny. I'll take some pictures with him sometime. I'm getting used to less sleep..jaja we're so busy with all this stuff. We help the sisters a ton every week, this last week we had to go buy a few of them muebles (furniture) and frazadas (blankets) and then take it to them. I'm in charge of the zone fund which is really stressful because it's a lot of money.  By the way, this week was great. We had a zone training that we did and we've been crazy busy with teaching and helping the zone. I'm super happy. Maybe happier than I've ever been on my mission. I'm just serving people all the time and we just talk to so many great people every day. Today we're going to play basketball with an investigator for a little while and then clean our room, eat some dinner at a random restaurant and then visit some people. We'll probably be in bed at around 11 or 11.30 because we're still super backed up on zone stuff. Super fun though, I love being busy all the time :)

Johani, the cutest girl you will ever meet. Very literally.
I don't really know, just in a taxi - jaja
Waffles!!!!!!  This was fantastic, o my heavens.  They were incredible. Ice cream bananas and waffles. So good. And it was 3 bucks
A Colombian dish called arepes.  that little dish is melted cheese.  Super delish.

Now a few pictures from last week -

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