Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week 95 - "hello!!!" - June 25 - July 1 (Primavera)

A quick letter from Jonah this week.   It is so great that he gets to work with lots of different missionaries and see some of the old missionaries that he has worked with in the past.  The weeks are winding down.  Jonah doesn't like to talk about finishing his mission but we are getting excited to see him.  He has been such a great example of hard work and dedication to serving the Savior.

The week has been really great! This week we had two interchanges (Cajamarca: Elder Carman and Elder Cuellar  and then Guadalupe: Elder Wynn and Elder Angulo d' Leon) They are some stellar missionaries! Also, we had Consejo with all of the leaders in the mission and it was so great to see all of these missionaries together. It's always a faith builiding experience to have these consejos and to talk about the goals and plans that we have to be able to baptize more as missionaries. 

In our own area, we have been teaching a lot and we're still teaching the golden family, they're just struggling with the concept of getting married.....I swear, it's easier to baptize here than it is to get people married. It just doesn't happen that often haha. Anyway, we are still teaching them and they just need to work on their testimony of the Book of Mormon and if they obtain that, then they will get married and baptized without thinking twice. There's a couple pictures of some of the people we're teaching. The lady in the sweater with her chubby dad with the moustache is Sandy Agreda. She would have already been baptized if weren't for her schedule. She studies and works...every day from 8am till 10 or 11pm. We have to teach her early in the morning or at night sometimes when she doesn't have classes. She's great! The family with the London picture in the background is the Family Flores and they are super humble and super great. They have a lot of different struggles and problems, but they are working really hard to be able to go to church and the mom is trying to get her two kids organized and at church as well. They are really special people and the gospel will bless them so much! We have several people getting ready for baptism for this month, but a lot of them have difficult problems to get over. But Elder Nuñez and I have been working really hard to become missionaries of great faith. Through a lot of prayer, fasting, and hard work, we have faith that these people can enter into the waters of baptism and receive the biggest blessings of their lives. It's difficult to always have faith because it is easy to get discouraged when people choose poorly, but we have to trust in Christ and not in our own strength. Anyway...we are trying to get better at this.

Crazy to hear about Gabe and Seth (they just got their driving permits) Hahaha - just from watching people drive here in Perú, I'm so scared to start driving again. I like just walking haha. Or sitting in a back seat :)

Love you!!!

Adrian, Elder Nunez, Sandy, Sandy's father, Elder Babbel

Family Flores

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