Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week 96 - "hello" - July 2 - July 8 (Primavera)

A busy week of Zone conferences and training. They are trying lots of ways to meet and teach people. If you have any ideas please send him an email - - and maybe try some Doritos with your next batch of guacamole! 

We had such a great week. Here is a lttle bit about it. On Sunday, we had several investigators come to the church for the first time and it was really special to see how it was the perfect meeting to attend as well. It was fast and testimony meeting, and there were some incredibly powerful testimonies that members gave and the whole meeting was filled with the Spirit. The investigators loved the gospel principles class as well and we felt that everyone was excited to come back for next week. 

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we had zone conferences:Tu: Primavera, Esperanza, PorvenirW: Cajamarca (first time coming down), Guadalupe, Casa Grande
Th: Central, Este

It was super cool to see literally all of the missionaries within 3 days, and it was a blessing to finally meet some of the missionaries from Cajamarca that I had never met before! During the conference, we talked a lot about how to find new people to teach and we did a small training on that and President showed us some REALLY cool videos of Jeffrey R. Holland training the new mission presidents. I'm pretty sure it's on if you want to check it out. Anyway, it was awesome!
On Thursday, right after the zone conference, we did an interchange with Elder Turner and Elder Melendrez. They are two incredible missionaries that are really focused and are working really hard in their area. During the interchange, we took this giant Jesus Christ banner that we printed off a few weeks ago (in the fotos), and set it up in a park with table full of different types of mormon message cards and booklets. It was a really fun experience and we talked with a ton of people! We plan on trying it again in different parks in our area. Our area is in one of the more affluent places of Trujillo and so there are a lot of parks. In other areas, you can easily knock on peoples' doors and find people that way, but in our area it is a little more difficult because they are a little more closed-off and uninterested, so we tried doing this instead and it worked great! We always have to be creative in our work, and if we try something that doesn't work, then we should discontinue it and think of something new. We will be thinking of new things as well, but if you have any suggestions, let me know! Maybe Dad has some ideas that he tried in Brazil.
Just today, we went to Huanchaco which is right next to the beach. We heard there was a really good restaurant there so we tried it out, it was pretty delicious! I had a burrito and it was really funny because it said it came with chips and guacamole. I was surprised because it's like impossible to find tortilla chips in Trujillo, so that's why I got the burrito. When they brought it out, instead of tortilla chips, they had put a pile of Nacho Cheese flavored Doritos! Hahaha, but it was still really good..maybe I'll just start eating that instead haha.

Not a lot of time to share stories from the week, but here is one -

About 2 months ago, another Elder and I knocked doors close to the chapel and we found a young man that opened the door and told us to come back the next day. The result of this contact has been incredible. His younger brother Gianluca, has now attended church twice and has accepted a baptismal date for the 30th, but we know that this will only be the beginning. On Thursday night with Elder Melendrez on our interchange, we were able to teach the parents as well, and we taught a powerful lesson about the restoration. When Hermano Gianluca bore testimony of the answer he had received about the Book of Mormon, the parents stared at him, dumbfounded. We invited the parents to begin to read the Book of Mormon and attend church with their 3 sons, and they accepted. We promised them that they could gain a similar testimony to the that their son has already attained and the father then said ''after our son gets baptized, we might have to get baptized too'', looking at his wife. Just last night, we were able to return to teach the Law of Chasity and about Eternal Families. We are so excited to continue to teach the family, and we are so grateful that we decided to knock doors that day 2 months before. This is one of the most incredible families I've ever seen..I have never seen more organized and intelligent parents that know how to maintain the family united, and I know with assurance that the Lord has prepared them to receive the gospel. The Familia Juárez is the best!"

Elder Babbel

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