Sunday, August 6, 2017

Week 100 - "Week 100!" - July 30 - August 5 (Primavera)

The final few emails are coming in and it looks like Jonah will stay busy as the Assistant to the President.    Last week he mentioned that they spent almost the entire day cleaning their apartment so in this weeks letter he explains that they are getting a visit from a General Authority (a higher up leader in the Church). Just a few photos this week.

The week has been super crazy!! But great! Haha, that's what I always say, but yeah whatever. We had the leadership council on Tuesday, and it was great! We really felt the Spirit the whole time, and all of us left the meeting feeling really inspired to work harder and more efficiently. That's always the point of these meetings, but there was something special about it this time. I'll miss those meetings a lot; a lot of great ideas get tossed around by some excellent missionaries. Right after the meeting, we had an interchange with the Cajamarca Zone Leaders, Elder Cuellar and Elder Olsen. Elder Olsen was trained by Elder Rios, so we got to talk about how great of a companion he was for us...we had some pretty funny stories about him.

Oh yeah! So last Sunday, we found a super awesome family! Gino, Patricia, and Franco. They are a married couple with their one 17 year old son. The Lord has been preparing them for some time now..especially Patricia, the mom. After teaching the first lesson about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, they both told us that they knew what we were saying was true. The only hold-up is that they work a lot and they feel like they won't be prepared to be baptized too soon. We assured them that they will be able to be ready if they do their part, read the Book of Mormon, and pray to know that it's true. We're praying a lot for them and we hope that they will be baptized the 2nd of September. Also, Adriana, the less active from last week, went to church with her two daughters and Mikaela, the one that is not a member yet, will be baptized next Saturday. The Primary is planning out all of the details, and we're excited to see her prepared so quickly. we are going to be having a mission visit by one of the General Authorities of our Area and his wife will be checking the rooms...and we're pretty certain that they will come to ours, because it's close to the office. By the way...because of the General Authority visit (Elder Montoya), Elder Melendrez and I will be going to Cajamarca here in 2 weeks, so that'll be fun! It's been a while since I've been there, it'll be nice to breathe some fresh air. We got a nurse, but still a little scary. The package came!! Thank you so much for the chewy sprees and the letters! By far the best part haha, but thank the YW group for me for doing that. It was really nice of them. Good to hear about the family. I love you so much!! More than room checks and kittens! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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