Sunday, August 13, 2017

Week 101 - "Busy Week" - August 6 - August 12 (Primavera)

As he draws closer to the end of his mission, I find it amazing that he continues to work like he just started. This week he in an email he said, "I think I might ease up a little bit too if I actually felt like I was finishing...but I don't feel that at all hahaha. I always joke around about it, but I don't think it's actually hit me yet. Maybe when I see you two it'll hit me."

This week has been pretty fantastic, and as usual, very busy. We were able to have 2 interchanges with some different Elders which always changes things up a bit, and we got to end our week with a visit to the temple today which was wonderful! We got to attend a sealing of a family that the Bentley's (the couple missionaries) had helped out while they were in Pacasmayo. It was the first time that I had attended a temple sealing since we were sealed together as a family with Gabriel...16 years ago. So that was a really special experience......and you can call me crazy..but when we were there, a memory of that day came and hit me like a truck full of onions jaja. Something special, done during the ordinance, made me remember when I did the same thing with my family. <==== Super cool.

So during the week, we had some ups and downs, but that's usually how life is jaja. We had been preparing a few people to be baptized for this week and the next, but it looks like a few personal problems have gotten in the way and will have to be postponed, but that's okay, we're still excited for them to get baptized later on. We have been able to find several people this week that are really excited to learn more about the restored gospel and are willing to make changes in their lives in order to live what God wants us to live. It's kind of amazing how many people we come into contact with during a week, and how different everyone is from one another. It's even cooler to see how the same gospel can relate and connect to everyone's problems and needs as well. Most people don't realize it because they have never given it the chance nor the idea. But when people start to actively use their faith, they quickly realize that a hole they never knew they had, begins to be filled. It's so great to be a part of that process, and it's why I love being a missionary!

On Wednesday, we were with Elder Bejarano and Elder Turner, and then on Thursday, we were with Elder Spencer and Elder Espinoza. Both of the interchanges were great and we were able to work hard and find great people. Just today was Elder Melendrez's birthday! We got to go to the temple and eat Chili's for lunch so I'd say it has been pretty great!

I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week! I know that the power of God exists and that in the holy temples we can make promises with Him to have eternal families. I know that my family is forever, and that's why I do all in my power to be obedient and follow Christ. Because I want to live with my family after this life. Love you all!!

Elder Moncada, Elder Babbel, Elder Anchiraico and Elder Melendrez (front)

Birthday Lunch for Elder Melendrez

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